Apilytics is the optimal monitoring solution for startups. With us, you can focus on your business and not on your monitoring infrastructure.
Simple integration with any backend

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Built for startups 🦄

Apilytics is the optimal application monitoring solution for startups. Our zero-config setup lets you focus on your business and not on the monitoring infrastructure. We recognize that setting up and maintaining a monitoring service can be hard and expensive. Our solution is easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Pay as you go

Our generous free trial lets you and your business to learn the benefits that Apilytics provides before we charge anything from you. After the trial period you can decide if you want to pay for the full service. Our pricing model is transparent and easy to understand. You will never get unexpected charges for traffic spikes with us.

Simple to use

You don't need to hire experts to take care of your application monitoring with Apilytics. Our developer-friendly solution brings the core insights of your application monitoring to your fingertips, whether you are a monitoring expert or not. The 5-minute installation is the only configuration you need to do, after which you can enjoy the full benefits of Apilytics, no matter what size your business is.

Benefits of automation

Once you've set up, you can rely on our automated reporting tools to notify you when something is wrong. This applies to both performance and security issues. In addition to the automated alerts, we also report the analytics from your applications to you automatically. It's up to you whether you want your reports directly in your email inbox or on your Slack. We've got you covered.

Business-critical analytics for growth

Apilytics is not only a monitoring solution, but also a tool to help you grow your business. The analytics we provide you with when you choose Apilytics, help you understand your users better. With traditional web analytics solutions, you are usually limited to only website visitors. Do you have a mobile app? A command-line tool? An API-driven microservice architecture? Apilytics is built for all of that. You can use it to monitor your entire business, no matter the traffic source.

Set up in 5 minutes

  • Sign up & grab your API key.
  • Install our open-source middleware.
  • Start using your dashboard! 🚀







Install with yarn:

yarn add @apilytics/express

Install with npm:

npm install @apilytics/express


// server.js

const { apilyticsMiddleware } = require('@apilytics/express');
const express = require('express');

const app = express();


Why choose Apilytics?

Low code

Existing tools require you to either build, deploy or maintain stuff. We solve all of these problems for you.

Easy to use

You don't need a team of experts with Apilytics. We'll take care of everything for you.

Meaningful data

We know what metrics API developers are interested in, and we've got you covered.

Full automation

Choose how to receive your data & get alerted. We'll take care of the rest.

Privacy first

Your privacy matters. Your data is stored within EU with 100% GDPR compliance.

Flexible pricing

Pay only for the data you use. No surprise fees. Cancel any time.