Monitoring CPU and memory usage with Node.js

Markus Blomqvist · February 16, 2022

It goes without saying CPU and memory monitoring has been around for a long time and most of the monitoring solutions already handle it. We recognize that these are crucial metrics for all developers, which is why our latest release adds support for easy CPU and memory monitoring, with no additional configuration. We also produce these metrics, like all of our other metrics, directly from our open source middlewares, meaning that you don't need to install any additional software on your host machines.

How are these new metrics shown then? We decided to combine them with the other performance metrics that you can already see in our dashboard, so you can see them in a nice format including the average and percentile values for the CPU utilization, memory usage and total available memory.

CPU Usage

The CPU metrics are shown in their own tab as percentages of the utilization at the time of your API requests.

Errors time frame

The memory usage is shown similarly to the CPU metrics, except these have absolute values.

Errors time frame

You can also see the total available memory metrics at the time of your API requests.

In addition to the Node.js support, we are rolling this out also for our Python packages. Hopefully this adds up some value on top your current monitoring setup. Also, remember that we're still getting started and our DMs are open!

Cheers ✌

Apilytics team

Markus Blomqvist · February 16, 2022