About Apilytics 📈

Apilytics is an easy to use, lightweight, privacy-friendly API monitoring service. Simple 5 minute installation, all data stored in the EU with full GDPR compliance.

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What Makes Apilytics Different From Other API Monitoring Services?

Apilytics differs from other providers with its ease of use, privacy friendliness, flexible pricing and full transparency. Using our product requires no prior monitoring experience and anyone with an existing application can get started in a few minutes. We do not make our users install any kind of software on their servers apart from our lightweight middlewares that are directly plugged into the applications.

What Software Requirements Does Apilytics Have?

Essentially, we work with all types of systems that are using HTTP protocol and our API is accessible from everywhere. We are constantly adding support for more official client libraries and tools to use our service.

Environment-wise, there are no restrictions to using Apilytics. We have 100% multi cloud and on premise support for any backend system out there. You can learn more about our lightweight integrations here.

How We Handle Privacy?

We want to make sure that our users are in control of their data. We don't store any personal data we don't absolutely need, we are 100% GDPR compliant, and we store all data in EU. Learn more about our privacy friendliness here.

Is Apilytics Open Source?

Our client libraries fully open source and available on our GitHub. Our API is also publicly available and free for anyone to use. See our Open Source section for more information.