API analytics
made easy

Apilytics is an easy to use, lightweight, privacy-friendly application analytics & monitoring service. Simple 5 minute installation, all data stored in the EU with full GDPR compliance.
Simple integration with any backend

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Unlock insightful
analytics & metrics
from your applications.

Analyze real-time metrics from your APIs through an intuitive dashboard. Simple middleware configuration and no installable host-agents. Works in any environment with no performance overhead to your application.
Simple Setup

You can literally get started in 5 minutes. Simple configuration with no domain expertise or maintenance needed.

Powerful Metrics

Our insightful metrics will boost your API development by pointing out bottlenecks, trends and patterns in your APIs.

Smart Alerts

Get automatic alerts when your API faces unexpected events, like traffic spikes.

Coming soon

Get automatic weekly email and Slack reports for your API metrics.

Your Data

Your data will never be accessible to anyone but you. Export and delete your data whenever you want.

Open Source

Our open-source middlewares allow you to see exactly what data leaves your APIs.

Learn how your APIs are being used.

By complementing your existing monitoring solution with Apilytics, you get access to important behavioral data of your APIs across all clients with zero configuration.
Time series data

The usage of your APIs is visualized in a time series format, allowing you to spot anomalies with ease.

Error rates

Track the error rates of your APIs easily and apply filters for comparison.

Endpoint metrics

See individual metrics for your API endpoints and spot bottlenecks.

Geolocation data

See where your users are located and make data-driven decisions.

Performance data

See how your APIs are performing with metrics like CPU or memory usage.

Client metrics

Compare device types, operating systems and browsers with a breeze.

Set up in 5 minutes

  • Sign up & grab your API key.
  • Install our open-source middleware.
  • Start using your dashboard! 🚀







Install with yarn:

yarn add @apilytics/express

Install with npm:

npm install @apilytics/express


// server.js

const { apilyticsMiddleware } = require('@apilytics/express');
const express = require('express');

const app = express();


Flexible pricing with a
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All features available from the start.
No credit card required.
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Unlimited APIs

Email support

Automatic alerts

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Unlimited users

Full data retention

Full data ownership

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Why choose Apilytics?

Low code

Existing tools require you to either build, deploy or maintain stuff. We solve all of these problems for you.

Easy to use

You don't need a team of experts with Apilytics. We'll take care of everything for you.

Meaningful data

We know what metrics API developers are interested in, and we've got you covered.

Full automation

Choose how to receive your data & get alerted. We'll take care of the rest.

Privacy first

Your privacy matters. Your data is stored within EU with 100% GDPR compliance.

Flexible pricing

Pay only for the data you use. No surprise fees. Cancel any time.